I blow money every day/'Result in I know when you perish, you simply cannot take the shit on the grave

I blow money every day/‘Result in I know when you perish, you simply cannot take the shit on the grave

I blow money every day/‘Result in I know when you perish, you simply cannot take the shit on the grave

“Dislike Me personally”

“Dislike me, dislike myself, tell me the method that you hate me/Let me know how I’m trash while can potentially exchange me/Tell me you to I’m hung out, squandered towards the each day/Prolly ’cause there’s absolutely no that doing myself numbin’ all my soreness/Prolly ’cause there’s absolutely no umbrella to guard me personally regarding all of the rain/Most likely because you might be the one playin’ the brain game/Your hate myself once the I don’t enable you to play zero attention games/They offer me migraines and you can destroy my notice/Date me personally, break me, effortlessly replace myself/We hope you notice it obvious, we hope it is High definition”

“Hear Myself Contacting”

“Wine glass packed with your emotions/Oh, Pinot Grigio, sippin’, beautiful, heaven-heart woman/The guy do not know, let me know, let me/On the heart, don’t you challenge forget me/I’m their enthusiast, yo’ prints to my structure in my own direct, yeah, yeah/I’m the lover, yo’ prints back at my walls within my lead, yeah”

“Really think I came across my household/Shorty build me feel at your home/She helped me hop out this new enjoyment in the home/And you may I’m fine inside it/She very helped me beat control/I’ma assist my love unfold/We have been only one or two shed souls/However, our company is okay involved”

“I’ll be Good”

“I recently sprang a great bean yesterday, it was an extended nights/I done did just the right drugs, merely towards incorrect nights/I found myself rocking From-Light, tryna possess a fun time/She gon’ eat like lunch time, molly got their on time/Shag niggas do not get admiration, but I’ma die from the exploit/Swervo said avoid swallowing him or her Xannies ‘fore We flatline”

“Lean Laughs Me”

“Informed her if i pass away I’ma pass away young/Everyday I’ve been gettin’ fucked up/Eventually understand the difference between like and you may drugs/Shorty tell me I ought to very sober up/That it crap ain’t fictional, it is as well actual, as well genuine/Shag you to definitely dosage, I would like one or two pills, a couple tablets/I’m lookin’ for trouble thus i discover I’m planning view it/Ring, ring, plug hit my personal phone, finest timin'”


“What’s the twenty-seven Pub?/ We ain’t therefore it is earlier in the day 21/We started experiencing paranoia/And so i usually gotta remain a weapon/Damn, that is the business we are now living in today/Yeah, hang on, just tune in to me personally away/It tell me I’ma become an excellent legend/ I don’t require you to name now/‘Trigger most of the tales frequently perish aside/Just what screw is this ’bout?”

“Lucid Aspirations”

“We nevertheless see your shadows inside my area/Cannot restore the new love that i offered you/It is to the level in which I like and that i dislike your/And i usually do not alter you and so i need replace your/More difficult than it sounds/I imagined you were the main one/Hearing my cardiovascular system instead of my head/Your located a differnt one/But I’m the higher that/I will not allow you to ignore me personally”

“Make it Right back”

“I remember mathematics class, I isn’t create crap, I happened to be just Xanned away/Now a beneficial nigga had many, promote a fuck from the my personal teachers now/Niggas just be sure to get across me, We crucify ’em that way preacher, oh/All of the my personal niggas gettin’ currency, top trust we spend one to your shoes, oh”

“Realer N Realer”

“Uh, everyone loves to fairly share the bucks that they generate/Not one person need talk about the currency that they save your self/Exactly who in the morning I to share they?


“She told me place my personal cardiovascular system regarding the handbag and you can no-one will get harm/Now i’m running away from the lady love, I’m not timely thus I am so it’s even worse/Now i’m searching up an effective grave, away from my previous, I’m an entire various other person/It’s a gift and you will a beneficial curse but I can not reverse it'”


“We become drinkin’ and you can drivin’ and you may survivin’/Get my personal sorrow and you will burying me personally live inside it/Wear the best top, lady, ’cause you gon’ die involved/Choice you regret a single day that you lied inside/Damaged the auto once more, goddamn/Crack my center again, goddamn/I don’t have no nearest and dearest, goddamn/ I’m an excellent loner ’til the end, goddamn”

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