Mental Healthtech Startups In The Us

Mental Healthtech Startups In The Us

mental health startups

Cervel Neurotech is pioneering a new approach to an established technology – repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation – designed to produce better outcomes and a more comfortable treatment for patients. Iris Telehealth is a leading provider of telepsychiatry services for community mental health centers, community health centers. SonderMind Wellness Centers is a franchisor of community centers for behavioral health providers. Cerebral is a mission-driven telemedicine company that provides affordable, efficient access to treatment for anxiety, depression and insomnia. Between 2011 and 2015, the number of children presenting to the ED for behavioral health concerns at Rady Children’s Hospital increased by 500%.

mental health startups

Mental health startup funding reached a historic record of $852 million in the first quarter of 2021, nearly twice the amount raised during the same period in 2020, according to CB Insights. PEAR’s eFormulationTM platform combines pharmaceutical preparations with user-friendly, customizable, and scientifically validated software applications. PEAR’s patented approach provides better outcomes for patients, smarter engagement and tracking tools for clinicians, and cost-effective solutions for payors.

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Backed by Crowdcube, Mindful Healthcare has secured £111k across two funding rounds. The latest round, in march last year, totalled £21k at a pre-money valuation of £1.1m.

  • Happify diversified its business by working with employers, health plans, pharma companies, and individual users.
  • Cervel Neurotech is pioneering a new approach to an established technology – repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation – designed to produce better outcomes and a more comfortable treatment for patients.
  • We at Tracxn closely track the startup ecosystem from across the world and we have come across a whole lot of interesting new themes which are gaining popularity, one of them being Mental Health Assessment.
  • Butterfly Health has products for different kinds of health care needs and plans to expand into primary health care through technology.
  • Moreover, they are also beacons of opportunities for healthcare providers.
  • The company has undertaken five fundraising rounds so far, raising more than £5.31m from backers including BGF Growth Capital and the University of Cambridge Enterprise Fund.

That amounts to a 139% climb from 2020, when startups scooped up $2.3 billion across 258 deals. From Panacea to their ThinkNinja software, the startup is thriving to produce novel answers to everyday tribulations.

Pear Therapeutics

And I attend every parent-teacher conference (even if I have to do so by phone when I’m in another city). There’s also the more scientific approach, led by teams looking into investments that can materially improve the assessment and treatment processes through biotech such as Oura or Meru Health.

mental health startups

With MindLabs you have access to hundreds of live and on-demand classes to help you stress less, sleep more and feel happier. This explains the rapid growth in mental health funding, which saw a 139% increase YoY from 2020 to 2021, reaching a record $5.5B. Across the broader digital health sector in 2021,” the authors wrote. “This trend could continue through 2022 as dominant players emerge in a highly fragmented market.” What is even more impressive about these startups is their integration of technology.


No, it’s not just about a pretty picture; UX design in healthcare apps should be a top concern for application developers. Bottneuro creators plan to start with clinical trials in 2022 and obtain the CE mark in 2024. Annual costs generated by AD patients in the DACH region were about € 40 billion for 2021. These numbers are increasing due to an aging society and Buttneuro has good chances to take hold in a list of the best health tech companies in Europe.

TalktoAngel is an online mental health and holistic well being platform. We’re based in New Delhi, striving to improve the quality of lives globally. We help individuals and families overcome difficulties in their emotional, behavioural, economic, social, physical and spiritual wellbeing. Oliva develops mental healthcare platform for employees and managers. Calmerry is a promising mental health service provider with affordable prices, vetted therapists, and responsive support. Octave offers a modern practice that brings a primary care approach to serve the mental health needs of young urban professionals. With expert clinicians, thoughtful technology, and user-centric design they’re making exceptional mental healthcare available to everyone.

This should lead to a more qualified pipeline for therapists and at the same time, everyone who needs help can receive it. Mental Wellness Applications like meditation apps, habit trackers, journaling apps and productivity markers help individual build systems for resilience. These work by ‘micro-dosing’ wellness, nudging us to build habits that will eventually protect one’s mental health from worsening when something goes wrong. They may often seem rather simplistic, doing only one task on the surface, but this habit-building during times of good mental health is precisely what makes these apps successful. Headspace, Calm, Day One, and Pomodoro timer apps fall under this category.

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Therefore, the app efficiently meets increased demand from people and connects them with mental health coaches and counselors. One of the prime features of Moodpath is that it also provides educational videos to create awareness about mental health. These videos are essentially a short form of therapy complemented by digital tools. One of the company’s biggest challenges was convincing investors that executive coaching was meant for the masses. Protherapy mental health platform makes available professionally qualified and trained mental health practitioners to accept bookings for consultations.

  • The program is supported by licensed mental health specialists provided by Meru Health.
  • This startup has attracted many venture capitalists and has raised more than $3 million to provide quality mental healthcare.
  • PsyOmics aims to increase clinical capacity, reduce operating costs and improve outcomes for patients, all across the UK.
  • Individuals with mental health issues and substance use habits can use the platform for resources to deaddiction.
  • The app identifies which employees need extra emotional support by asking them four questions via the slack app, and then allows them to book a therapy session.
  • Many companies offer mental health benefits for workers in the form of EAPs, or employee assistance programs, that include a mix of counseling, assessments, psychiatric referrals, and other tools.

It takes discipline to switch gears and focus on your partner and children. I love spending time with them, and I want to be involved in helping them grow. So I invest time in the upstream work – hiring really great people, establishing clear goals, and giving the team the autonomy to execute as they see fit.

Ieso Digital Health

A mental health company, which have developed a secure and anonymized everyday tool to express and process thoughts and emotions. MindFi is an employee mental health and well-being app delivering personalized self-care recommendations and support. Koa Health is a digital wellbeing and therapeutics solutions combine the latest clinical research and breakthrough technologies.

  • The company connects patients with therapists for online therapy via a chat service.
  • As with telehealth in general, some large online providers are broadening their services to include support for complex psychiatric and substance-use disorders.
  • It might give you the illusion you’re assembling some kind of useful insight.
  • They are offering an emotion-sensing wristband named Feel connected to a mobile app.
  • Looking along the value chain, prevention will become increasingly interesting, as the stigma around mental health decreases.
  • Thus, what used to be a hectic session at the clinic can simply be a video call now.

This will be the case either through price decreases or by increased demand supported by individuals that would not access mental health services otherwise. Digital mental health companies should incentivize getting results rather than keeping people in therapy. Value-based payment, which will depend upon the ability to better measure outcomes, is still aspirational in mental health.

With their app Serenita, they target stress as a way to reduce chronic disease. Serenita uses user’s phone cameras to measure stress levels and provide personalized breathing guidance.

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The culture of tech companies can point the way to solutions here as well. These companies are, of course, focused on accountability to their boards and shareholders. But their execution strategies are defined by objectives and key results or some similar, detailed plan for demanding internal accountability. Provider of post-hospitalization recovery and behavioral health monitoring solutions. The platform provides doctors with value-based tools and resources for personalized post-hospitalization recovery solutions.

Lyra Health

It is a sophisticated journaling and self-care tool driven by your voice. Additionally, their healthcare systems and remote patient monitoring applications are highly efficient. mental health startups Accordingly, Pear’s proprietary strategy improves patient outcomes and gives physicians intelligent tools. Furthermore, it also provides payors with cost-effective solutions.

Here Are All Of Europes Mental Health Startups

Real When a close friend attempted suicide, Ariela Safira, a 2022 Forbes Under 30 alumna, found her calling. This Medtech company offers medication-free, at home treatment for depression through a brain stimulation headset.

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